Our Service Categories

Information Security

We help with evaluation, strategy and systems implementation to deliver reliable and dependable information security management systems.

Cyber Security

Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, Phishing, Social Engineering. A subsection of Information Security but so vast, a discipline all its own.

Data Protection GDPR

Introduction of a European regulation has rarely had such a global and public impact as GDPR. We help ensure you are compliant.

Quality Assurance

Often the basis for all other compliance activities, and rightly so as this is the foundation all should be built on to ensure long term success. We help you design, build and maintain your QMS.

Health & Safety

A core value in all our clients; we help you ensure the Health & Safety of workers, visitors and all other parties that may impacted during your business operations.


Now more than ever, the need for organisations to ensure their negative impact on the Environment is reduced as far as possible. We help you do that through EMS and Carbon Neutrality.

Profit & Efficiency Improvement

All businesses need performance improvement, with different focuses and approaches. We can help you choose the right methodology and tools, based on your objectives.

Risk Management

Inherent in the all other service categories, Risk Management is key to survival for all businesses. We help with formal Risk Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recover and the programs to deliver these.

Human Resources

We provide employment law compliance services and tailored human resource management consultancy solutions to enable you to maximise performance and minimise risk.

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