Performance Improvement

The key to long term success of any business is continual improvement. If you don’t improve and adapt to changes, the likelihood is the challenges eventually become insurmountable. Saying that, subconsciously, most leaders and management teams are continually improving and adapting to change, however this of course can be structured and optimised. We can help ensure you get the most value out of these activities.

There are many initiatives, methodologies and frameworks out there for process improvement, with even more terminology; Operational Excellence (OpEx), Lean Management, Transactional Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Just-In-Time (JIT), Kaizen, Poke-Yoke and of course where it all started, Total Quality Management (TQM) – thank you Dr. Deming

There are many ways to go about performance improvement, with different focuses and approaches, so choosing the right one for your organisation and strategic goals is important. We can help you choose the right methodology and tools, based on your objectives and local scenarios.

We have pulled our experience into three main buckets of services that we hope are easy to understand, with as little jargon as possible. As each project and customer is so different, we won’t go into too much detail here, but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and goals.

Business Process Improvement

Using some of the more traditional approaches, we help you map your processes, analyse these in terms of the seven wastes of lean and find areas that can be improved, steps that can be removed, and overall optimise your process.

ICT Optimisation

Using technology to its maximum potential, digitising and automating your processes as much as possible, and doing so without incurring large costs is something we have become quite good at. We have hands on experience in this and will be happy to arrange for you to speak with some of our customers, who articulate the process and benefits far better than we can.

Profit Improvement

Ensuring you maximise profit is of course one of the biggest objectives in business. How can we help? With our Qualified Accountants working alongside our experienced Advisors, we will help you by combining the two areas above within the follwing:

Performance  Improvement  – Through  business structure  reviews,  We’ll  help  improve  business processes  with  human  resources  integration to  balance  your  team’s  skills  with  business objectives.

Strategic Planning – Let’s identify a vision for the future  that  meets  stakeholder  expectations  and preferences while making sense for your current situation and market challenges. 

Independent  Reviews  –  We  provide  expert analysis  of  investment  opportunities,  new products  and  service  ideas  all  backed  by feasibility studies, and cost-benefit analysis. 

Performance  Management  –  We’ll  help  you manage  your  growth  by  identifying  the  right performance  metrics  that  tell  the  full  story. We also evaluate all areas of the business and search for new areas to optimize to help you reach your goals faster while saving you on costs. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We can chat via phone, video call or email as per your preference! 

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